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Wetlands:Determinations, Delineations, Functional Assessments, and Mitigation

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MRW Environmental personnel have decades of experience in all aspects of projects involving wetlands.  We provide our clients with comprehensive services from the initial site inspection to processing and obtaining the required permits.

Wetland Determinations/Delineations

Determining if wetlands are present and if so, accurately delineating and mapping the boundary, is critical to the success and timely completion of many projects.  The initial site visit and wetland determinations can be invaluable for our clients by helping to avoid or minimize impacts, reduce permitting time, and potentially reduce mitigation costs.  MRW Environmental scientists are among the most highly qualified in the state, region, and country to conduct such work.  We have the expertise to rapidly identify wetland soils, hydrology, and plants, and are thoroughly familiar with the latest regional supplements used by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  

Functional Assessments

Wetland functional assessments have been developed as a means to quantify the degree to which wetlands perform such functions as water storage, wildlife habitat, and carbon and other element sequestration and transformation.  Such assessments are useful for determining the impact of a proposed project, comparing project alternatives, determining project success, and determining mitigation requirements.  Increasingly regulatory agencies are required that wetlands be assessed prior to being impacted.  MRW Environmental scientists are proficient in the use of numerous assessment methodologies.  We are among the primary developers of the Hydrogeomorphic models which are the most widely used procedures in Tennessee and much of the county.  For projects in which wildlife issues are the most significant, we are also proficient in the use of Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) models that were developed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.


Wetland mitigation is the process of offsetting the loss or degradation of wetland or wetlands.  Mitigation is now a required part of almost all projects with impacts to wetlands and has become increasingly more complex and problematic for developers and other of our clients.  MRW Environmental personnel have been involved with mitigation since the 1980s and are thoroughly familiar with the entire process.  We have conducted research on wetland mitigation and written peer-reviewed articles on the subject.  We have conducted research on wetland mitigation and written peer-reviewed articles on the subject.  We have developed numerous successful mitigation projects, including mitigation banks, and can ensure our clients that they are getting the highest quality mitigation available.