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Warren County Mitigation Site

This project, located in Warren County, Tennessee was developed to provide mitigation for TDOT to offset unavoidable wetland impacts.  Historically, this area was part of a large forested slope wetland complex; however, it is had been degraded by draining, timber removal, and conversion to pasture/hayfield.  The mitigation site included 19.9 acres of open land and 9.4 acres of hardwood forest.  Both restoration and enhancement techniques were employed to restore the hydrology in areas that were drained.  The open portion of the site was replanted with native hardwoods and now supports a diverse young forest community dominated by willow oak, red maple, sweet gum, and green ash.  Many trees now exceed 25 feet in height.  Shallow vernal pools that were excavated within the existing forested area have resulted in increased species diversity and provide valuable habitat for breeding amphibians.

Client: Tennessee Department of Transportation

Acreage: 29.3

Year Initiated: 2004

Project Status: Completed

Report Link: Final Report under development