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Marion County Mitigation Site

This project is located in the Sequatchie Valley in Marion County, Tennessee.  It was developed for TDOT to provide mitigation to offset unavoidable wetland impacts resulting from road-building projects.  Historically, the site was a forested slope wetland; however, it had been degraded by ditching and timber removal. It included 16.7 acres of hayfield and 6.2 acres of hardwood forest.  Two primary ditches that had been dug to drain the wetland had developed stream characteristics and supported aquatic organisms.  As such they could not be filled and we employed a series of ditch plugs that raised the water table to pre-disturbance levels, but did not impede the movement of fish and other organisms. The open portion of the project area was planted with a diverse mixture of native hardwood species.  The planted stock along with volunteers have developed into a young wetland forest with many trees now exceeding 20 feet in height.  The restoration area currently provides valuable early successional habitat that is uncommon in the Sequatchie Valley.

Client: Tennessee Department of Transportation

Service Area: Sequatchie Valley Watershed

Acreage: 22.9

Year Initiated: 2008

Project Status: Completed

Report Link: Coming Soon