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Drowning Creek Mitigation Site

This project, located in Cumberland County, Tennessee, was developed for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide mitigation to offset unavoidable wetland impacts resulting from the development of a gypsum disposal facility.  Historically, the site was a forested bottomland wetland adjacent to Drowning Creek; however, it had been degraded by ditching, land clearing, and conversion to pasture.  Ditches intercepted runoff and drained surface water back into the creek. The project totaled 20 acres with 19.5 that were suitable for restoration.  The primary restoration technique was to eliminate the ditches and swales that removed the surface water and lowered the groundwater table.  The site was planted with bottomland hardwood species and now supports a diverse young forest community with many trees now exceeding 20 feet in height.  Several small depressions that had been drained now pond water following flood events and significantly add to the diversity of the site.  Numerous wildlife species have been observed using the area including a nesting pair of Willow Flycatchers (Empidonax traill), a species that is quite uncommon in Tennessee.

Client: Tennessee Valley Authority

Acreage: 20

Year Initiated: 2006

Project Status: Completed

Report Link: Coming Soon