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Wetland and Natural Resource Consulants

About Us

Kenneth L. Morgan (M.S.)


Mr. Morgan is the point of contact for initial site visits and preliminary consultation regarding client needs. He also is responsible for permit applications, conducting wetland delineations and assessments, project design, mitigation monitoring, species surveys, wetland inventory and mapping, and identification of land for proposed mitigation projects.

Mr. Morgan has been involved in various aspects of natural resource management since 1991. He has served as Coordinator of Field Studies for The Nature Conservancy of Georgia at Ft. Benning.

Dr. Thomas Roberts (Ph.D, PWS)


Dr. Roberts is the point of contact for all coordination between the different regulatory agencies, clients, and MRW Environmental. He also is responsible for conducting wetland delineations and assessments, project design, mitigation monitoring, wetland inventory and mapping, and identification of land for proposed mitigation projects.

Dr. Roberts has been involved in natural resource issues since the early 1980's. He served as a wildlife biologist for the, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Waterways Experiment Station in Vicksburg Mississippi for 8 years where he was involved in various projects involving wetland ecology and mitigation issues. He currently serves as Professor of Biology and Wildlife Science at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee where he teaches a graduate course in wetland ecology. Dr. Roberts has extensive experience with wetland delineation, mitigation, and development of Hydrogeomorphic (HGM) guidebooks for evaluating functions performed by wetlands. Additionally, he routinely serves as an instructor to various regulatory agencies, teaching courses regarding wetland ecology, delineation, and mitigation.

James T. Ward


Mr. Ward is the point of contact for all land acquisitions, contracts and market development for MRW Environmental LLC. In this capacity he is responsible for land purchases, contracts for sale of compensatory mitigation units, and the development of strategic alliances and/or consulting contracts with engineering firms or government entities. Additionally, Mr. Ward coordinates all construction activity and labor needs for all projects.

Prior to joining MRW Environmental LLC, he spent 25 years in commercial manufacturing, real estate development  and lending, mining, transportation, and the establishment of a workman's compensation insurance company. He was Founder, President/CEO of Tennessee Land and Capital Inc. 1986 - 2007 dealing primarily in investments, manufacturing, land development and lending. During the same period he was a founding member, director, and chairman of the Tennessee Forestry Association Workman's Compensation Group, a self-insured trust for primary and secondary wood manufacturers in Tennessee.

In addition to his business experience he is a member of the Tennessee Forestry Association, The National Federation of Independent Business, and the Tennessee Feed and Grain Association.

Matthew Granstaff


Mr. Granstaff worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville Planning Branch and Regulatory Offices for over a six-year period where he gained valuable knowledge of the Regulatory Program and the National Environmental Policy Act.  He is a Qualified Hydrologic Professional for the State of Tennessee and has been involved in multiple large-scale wetland inventory and delineation projects in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama.