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Welcome to MRW Environmental, LLC

MRW Environmental, LLC is a full service environmental firm established in 2006 with expertise in a wide range of disciplines.  We offer our clients the highest quality representation available when dealing with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies regarding environmental compliance.  Examples of wetland or stream-related services provided include pre-construction consultation to avoid or minimize impacts (this service alone can save clients substantial amounts of time and money), wetland delineations, permitting, mitigation planning and development, stream determinations and ordinary high water mark determinations.  Other services include GIS analysis, surveys for threatened and endangered species including acoustic surveys for bats, and development of wildlife management plans.  We periodically offer environmental workshops or courses dealing primarily with wetlands.  We have developed a reputation for performing the highest quality work in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.   

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with unparalleled guidance during the environmental regulatory process, while embracing the concept that progress and the environment can be compatible.

MRW Environmental Accomplishments

8 Restoration Projects

Over 183 acres of Restored Wetlands since 2006

Upcoming Environmental Training Courses

Fall 2021

Wetland Plant Identification Course

Wetland Delineation Course

Featured Project: 
Roaring Paunch Wetland Mitigation Bank

This project, located in Scott County, Tennessee, totals 19.19 acres in size. Roaring Paunch Wetland Mitigation Bank was developed to provide mitigation for unavoidable wetland losses within the South Fork Cumberland Watershed (HUC 05130104), Upper Cumberland Watershed (05130101), Upper Cumberland - Lake Cumberland Watershed (05130103), Obey Watershed (05130105), and the Upper Cumberland - Cordell Hull Reservoir Watershed (05130106). Historically this site was a forested slope wetland. It had been cleared and converted to improved pasture, resulting in the loss of wetland functions.